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Friday, June 29, 2012

Indonesian Anti-Drug Group's Ridiculous Stance Against Schapelle Corby

June 29, 2012
It seems Schapelle Corby can't get an even break. Since her 5 year sentence reduction by the president of Indonesia recently, a so-called anti-drug group has taken the president to court claiming the clemency  reduction was somehow illegal. Wow! And all this time I thought that those sign carrying demonstrators spouting "Death To Drug Dealers" were actually employed by the Indonesian government. Who knew?

If they are in fact a 'real' Indonesian anti-drug faction with sincere motives- why oh why are they trying to single out Schapelle Corby as if she were truly the 'Ganja Queen', and somehow a threat to the stability of Indonesia? It's simply ridiculous. Anyone who knows the score about drugs in Indonesia knows that the vast majority of the drugs there are 'home grown'. Why pick on an Australian who had a sentence reduction due to medical/mental problems. A deduction that was approved by the Indonesian Justice Dept.

Drugs are all over the place in Indonesia, and as far as Cannabis goes Indonesia is one of the world's leading producers. The weed in Indonesia didn't get there from Australia- it's a local crop and an abundant one. According to a recent United Nations World Drug Report, Indonesia is one of the top countries for the amount of Cannabis seized by it's government/police. And it's home grown- no Australian or Western imports needed. This is not just my opinion- it's a fact the Indonesian government has admitted to. In last year's United Nations World Drug Report it states on p.196:

(Discussing the period 2003-2007) "Indonesia assessed that 99 percent of Cannabis herb on it's territory originated in Indonesia itself."

With that thought in mind- why is this misguided Indonesian anti-drug group only singling out non-Indonesians? Is this group really anti-drug? Or are they simply anti-Australian? They shouted- "Death to Corby" "Death to the Bali Nine". Schapelle Corby is not a threat to Indonesia- In fact she is an innocent scapegoat. It's ridiculous- the hypocrisy. If you really want to do something about the cannabis problem in Indonesia, don't point your finger at the Australians- who pump your country full of money as tourists. To find the guilty parties, look in your own backyard.

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