Schapelle Corby
"Saya Tidak Bersalah" (I'm not guilty) -Schapelle Corby

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Schapelle Corby Is Granted Clemency- 5 Year Slash Plus Parole

May 22, 2012 - Just wanted to get this out but there are conflicting accounts at the moment. Some sources mention only a 5 year reduction in her sentence, with other sources adding she will also get parole. The parole kicks in because her sister lives in Bali. Schapelle would not be returning to Australia yet, but must remain on the island of Bali for the length of her parole.
I will post again soon when I have confirmation of the sentence reduction and parole. It sounds like good news to me if this is indeed the case. An unconfirmed source stated Schapelle could be released from prison as early as August.

Update: All confirmed with the only question right now being exactly WHEN schapelle will be allowed to leave prison. Some supporters appear to be angry but I don't think they understand about the parole part  yet. It plays out like this: 20 year sentence with 5 year cut equals 15 years. Now when you enter parole into the picture things look a lot brighter. In order for Schapelle to qualify for parole she would need to do 2/3 (2 thirds) of her sentence which comes out to 10 years. She has already served 7.5 years plus with the reductions she has already received plus with additional cut coming this Indonesian holiday makes 10 years plus.  As far as I can see she would be out of prison in August or shortly thereafter if no one drags their feet.
While I was hoping for an outright release with a 10 year slash, I really did not have much faith in that happening. This whole thing could have dragged on for years so in my opinion Schapelle getting out of prison this summer to go and live with her sister Mercedes is pretty damn good, and a hell of a lot better than the remaining time she was facing. Freedom is only a few months away. I am not certain but I have heard that she would be the first foreigner to be granted parole there as it is a requirement to have family in Indonesia to qualify....well, she's got Merc. Hopefully she can start to heal now that she can see the light at the end of that "bloody long tunnel".

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Schapelle Corby Freedom Forum: Oh Where Did You Go Russell Crowe

May 20, 2012 - There was a time, oh way back in 2005, when the vast majority of Australians believed that Schapelle Corby was an innocent victim of injustice. One poll conducted back then had 88 percent of over 4,000 polled stating Corby was innocent. Other polls conducted at that time were also strongly in favor of Schapelle. Even high profile actor Russell Crowe spoke out for Corby and tried to rally the government to support her. Today, it's pretty much the opposite, with most Aussies believing she is guilty. It seems that the Australian media, and a lot of fiction posed as fact did a lot to change the minds of many Australians over the years. And Schapelle Corby quickly became the subject of ever growing indifference from the people in her own country. All that is about to change as the facts supporting Schapelle Corby's innocence are being put forward by a growing number of people from around the world, including the very potent documentary from the Expendable Project "The Political Sacrifice Of Schapelle Corby".

Russell Crowe had it right when he said the case against Schapelle Corby was "....bullshit...". Among his comments to the press he said: "There is massive doubt here... the charge is bullshit, let's deal with it." This however was in 2005, and how Russ feels today- I don't know. I am sure he did what he could at the time, but how could he have known the magnitude of opposition he or any other Corby supporter would encounter from the Australian government itself. The cover-up of evidence which supported Corby's story was not known, or at least backed up by fact in 2005- but today it's a different story. Today, the innocence of Schapelle Corby can not be disputed by anyone with an open mind, and of at least average intelligence. It's all out there online- the truth- and it's all backed-up with indisputable documentation. There is no longer any reason to remain in the dark about Schapelle Corby- unless of course you actually choose to believe the old lies rather than documented proof of her innocence.

As for Russell Crowe, I thought it was great of him to defend the principle. I didn't see any other big name Aussies putting it on the line like that. He's got a good heart and he proved that by coming to the aid of a defenseless victim of injustice. Like he said- "it's bullshit". That was true then, and it's true today, but now after seven long years- it's time to deal with it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Schapelle Corby Freedom Forum: And God Said: Let There Be Light - But Not In Australia

May 9, 2012 - If you mention the Schapelle Corby case to the average person in Australia, chances are you will get a response that paints her guilty. If you ask those same people why they believe that, they will tell you about the news stories, the 'expose' on her family, or perhaps even mention a recent book which all 'prove' her guilty. (Well, I won't mention the title of that book but it should have been called "The Dead Guy Did It") Now with some of these people you can tell right off you are talking to a rock. Look closely at them and you will see- the lights are on, but nobody's home; compliments of the local state run media, and poker-faced politicians. While some of these people will tell you they are well 'informed', others would say they have simply been brainwashed.

 In any case, it appears that this affliction is fairly common in Australia. I call it an affliction because, well, it is. It's called ignorance. Ignorance of the real facts, and content to believe a lie. Some people forget that in order to be "well informed" you need to double check your 'facts' and get your information from a variety of sources. Anyone who has done that, knows that Schapelle Corby is innocent. If all you want to believe is what the local state controlled media tells you and a recent 'book of fables', good luck on that- rock on. However, if you are up for some documented facts on this case that is going to 'turn your lights on', then I suggest you watch an expose of this case from (or click on the video at the top right under Schapelle Corby videos on this forum).

Now with that said, I will tell you truthfully I have nothing against the Australian people. Some people might think that an American has no business telling Aussies what to believe. Well, sorry, but someone has to, and there are also plenty of Australians who have been trying to 'turn the lights on' in Australia for some time now. In case some of you are not aware- the Schapelle Corby case is pretty much a global thing now, and nationality is beside the point. Still, it is the Australian people who are the key to clearing up this whole mess. It's your government, and Schapelle Corby is one of your own. Are you just going to sit back and let her die in that Indonesian snake pit?

Well contrary to the title of this post- we all know the sun still shines Down Under; Not that it does   Schapelle Corby much good considering how 'in the dark' the average person is concerning this case. It isn't hard to find the truth if you are really looking for it, it's out there and it's free. Until the people in Schapelle Corby's own country come together on this thing and make a stand, until then, as far as I'm concerned- the lights are out in Australia.